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The Lotus Sutra


The Lotus Sutra is the penultimate teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha. It was the very purpose of his advent as the Buddha. In this teaching, the Buddha revealed two great truths in life: that every human being is both potential and fruition at the same time, and that much in the same way as He, the […]



My mother can never remember my name. Or either of my sisters’. She usually starts with S_______, K_________, C___________, (her younger sisters’ names). When she sees me looking irritated, she jogs her memory and recalls that her offspring have other names. So she then starts with M_______, L________ (my sisters’ names). At this point I […]

The Nanny


Doesn’t the title of this post sound like a Hollywood horror movie? Maybe a sequel to “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle” or may be a bio-pic of Louise Woodward, the au-pair from UK who was acquitted in a US infant death. Well, no, the nanny I am referring to is one from my mother’s […]

What is it about the humble mologootal that turns on every other Palghat guy? Just mention the word to your average Ambi, Mani or Kondai and you will behold misty eyes and a wistful smile as if the said Ambi, Mani or Kondai (or say Ramani, Srini or Balu) were reminiscing about mother’s milk and […]

Well, here I am – an H4 visa holder in the US, which basically means I have had to give up my job in Chennai and any hopes of resuming my career here in the near future. I have been a housewife for the past four months – a situation which has added to my […]